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1 in 4 college students have a diagnosable mental illness - 80% feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities, and 50% have struggled in school due to anxiety. Unfortunately there is a negative stigma around mental illness, making sufferers ashamed and intimidated to seek help.

Embracing The Crown’s annual college workshop tour promotes positive mental health. Our workshops create a safe space for understanding, healing, and growth. They are created using unconventional tactics to break the stigma and allow students to feel comfortable

Since launching our #CollegeWorkshopTour in 2016 we have been fortunate to partner with prominent universities, middle schools,high schools, and nonprofit organizations.

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Going into the event I felt trouble on my heart in different aspects of my life. However after leaving the workshop, I felt so uplifted and relieved of all of the burdens that I would always carry around with me. I knew that I had to make a change
— Dasia Green, I AM Workshop

Although we target the collegiate community we have experience facilitating for various demographics. If you are unable to find a workshop that fits your vision, we can create a custom workshop to suit your needs .

Featured Workshops



I AM. Two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shapes your reality. Our workshop is focused on the power of words and sheds light on how trans-formative our words towards each other can be. If used incorrectly they can destroy relationships, self esteem and more. If used correctly, words can be uplifting and powerful. We aim to foster positive communication.


We can only see what we are prepared to see. More than meets the eye is a workshop centered around unraveling stereotypes and their connection to our perception. During this workshop we demystify the connection between our understanding of people, labels we place on one another, and how our life experiences shapes our reality


You’re going to need people in your “squad” who do more than go to the mall, gossip, and “chill”. It is crucial to have an empowering inner circle that motivates you to succeed. In this workshop, we empower attendees to build and maintain positive relationships, create boundaries, and to leave toxic relationships.


“How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within?”  Wise words by Ms. Lauryn Hill that help us understand that we cannot achieve outward succeed until we mend the things that hurt us on the inside.The purpose of this year's workshop is to shed light on the importance of self-love. During this workshop, we will encourage, empower, and equip collegiates with the tools to increase self-love and to better their overall mental health.



Benjamin Franklin Middle School

Fairleigh Dickinson University (Metro) 

Felician University

Kean University

Montclair State University

New Jersey City University

Rider University 

Rutgers University

Seton Hall University 

Skidmore College 

Teach for America 

Teaneck High School 

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

True Youth

William Paterson University