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Good for the Soul

Join us January 12,2019 at our Soul Sessions kickoff event, we will be focused on the Art of Manifestation. Let’s live our best lives in 2019. Join us for good company & great conversation.

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Goddess Gang

Looking for your tribe? Well, you found it sis! Goddess Gang is a collective of like minded millennial women centered around good vibes and positive experiences. It’s a great way to participate in fun local events, while building lifelong connections along the way. Whether it's simply going to the movies or visiting a dope pop-up exhibit, why not have a group of amazing women to do it with?

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1 in 4 college students suffer from mental illness

Our #CollegeWorkshopTour sheds light on challenges that college students face when it comes to mental health. Using unconventional tactics we create a safe space for connection, healing, growth, and fun ( no boring powerpoints!).


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Make A Statement.

Crowned is not simply merchandise, it is a finely crafted apparel & accessory line that makes a statement.  It features empowering messages to consistently remind you to be proud, bold, and fearless. We urge you to live your best life, why not look bomb while you do it?