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Power 105.1 Feature

Embracing The Crown was featured by Power105.1 during their 28 days of Celebrating Black Businesses campaign. As part of the feature, we received an on-air spotlight by the legendary Angie Martinez, a full page write up on their website, and a shoutout on their social media account. We are super appreciative for the recognition of the amazing things we do. This feature help us kick Year 3 off with a bang


1 in 4 college students suffer from mental illness

Our #CollegeWorkshopTour sheds light on challenges that college students face when it comes to mental health. Using unconventional tactics we create a safe space for connection, healing, growth, and fun ( no boring powerpoints!).


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Make A Statement.

Crowned is not simply merchandise, it is a finely crafted apparel & accessory line that makes a statement.  It features empowering messages to consistently remind you to be proud, bold, and fearless. We urge you to live your best life, why not look bomb while you do it?